Wappwolf is an easy to use tool for the automation of file processing. It helps you doing routine tasks with files faster, and helps you save time and hassle.

The Wappwolf Automator provides actions for document / file conversion, printing from anywhere, zipping / unzipping, encrypting / decrypting, sharing and syncing. Choose from more than 30 free actions to automate your routine tasks and your daily file management.

Some popular actions are:
- Convert a file to PDF
- Downscale / Rotate / Convert image format
- Email it, Zip it
- Unzip/Unrar files
- Encrypt/Decrypt files
- Convert to archive file formats
- Convert audio files

Drag & drop a file into a predefined folder and have it automatically converted to pdf, and /or sent by email to team members. Or add any of the above - you can process multiple actions at one time.

To use Wappwolf Automator for Box, first visit our application page on Wappwolf at You will be taken to the Wappwolf Automator, where you can login by clicking on the "Try Now"-button. Click "Connect to Box", which will redirect you to the Box authentication page. Please use your Box credentials to sign there.
Once you are done with this select a folder (or create a new folder) that you wish to use for an automation, and click "Next". Choose from the list of actions, select an action and click "Add Action". When done click "finished".

Want to learn more? Check out the video:

Each time you add a file to that folder the action(s) will be executed automatically. Saving you time.