With, you get total control and access to your documents on any mobile device, from anywhere, regardless of where the document is stored.

You can see all your storage connections in one place. For example, provides a combined view of Box.

Secure document access, sharing and collaboration has never been easier for people on the go.

Some of the unique features of include: Share any file with anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any device – using secure links.

•Precisely control what any person can do with your files at all times (e.g. print, edit, save).
•Completely remove the need to ever send file attachments again.
•Remove access to any file(s) as soon as they have been used for their intended purpose.
•Prevent any loss of control over your documents - your files always stay on your network.
•Ensure control and security over your documents, even when others use their own mobile devices (BYOD).

In addition to this easy-to-use app for individuals and companies, is also a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform and application programming interface (API) – designed to help enterprises access and share even the most sensitive information with absolute security. Our free API lets developers customize and secure every aspect of the document sharing and collaboration process. Developers can download our free source code at