PicSafe Medi allows medical professionals to safely snap, transmit, and securely store patient-consented clinical photos. Trial it free for up to 30 days!

PicSafe Medi has been designed by doctors, for all healthcare professionals. It is as simple as using the normal camera on your phone.

- Helps deliver greater quality of care and patient outcomes.
- Quickly and efficiently document a patient’s status pictorially, greatly facilitating the medical referrals process.
- Removes the worry of privacy and government regulatory problems surrounding the capture, use, and storage of medical photos.

This third party application utilizes the Box APIs. If you are storing Protected Health Information (PHI) in Box and/or have executed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Box, please be aware that your BAA does not extend to this or any other third party app. If you have questions around HIPAA requirements related to this app, please contact the third party app directly.