Concentric Semantic Intelligence™ offers API connectivity to securely scan unstructured data in Box among other on-premises and cloud-based services. Continuous autonomous monitoring ensures your data is constantly protected and compliant.

The Semantic Intelligence™ deep learning solution autonomously protects data by discovering and categorizing structured and unstructured content, identifying business and privacy–sensitive data and finding risk from inappropriate sharing or activity so you can quickly remediate issues and prevent data loss. Our Risk Distance™ analysis compares each file to the baseline security practices in use by each category to autonomously identify risk without the rules and policies other solutions require. Concentric’s User 360 capabilities identify inappropriate user activities and data interactions to stop insider threats and proactively prevent data breaches.


Find data wherever it’s stored - in the cloud, on-premises, structured and unstructured
Gain a risk-based view of data and users
Automated remediation with file and user activity information to instantly fix urgent issues
Find risk without rules or formal policies
Secure SaaS solution, API based, no agents
No rules, no regex, no policies to maintain
SOC 2 Type 2 company-wide certification

How It Works

Semantic Intelligence™ automates data governance and security for structured and unstructured content. We use deep learning to capture the collective wisdom of content owners to understand security policies without hard-to-maintain rules or end user classification.

Deep learning organizes data into thematic categories that offer accurate insights into meaning and business criticality. Risk Distance™ analysis uncovers each category’s baseline security practices to spot at-risk individual files. Our User 360 capabilities assess risk through a user-centric lens to find activity that can indicate insider threats. The solution reveals inappropriate sharing, risky storage locations or incorrect classification – all without rules or policy configuration.

Semantic Intelligence is a secure SaaS solution with API connections for data intake (cloud storage, internal file servers, databases), and it integrates with other solutions to make them more effective while reducing overhead.

Autonomous Data Discovery
Effective data access governance starts with accurate and continuous data discovery and categorization. Our sophisticated natural language processing capabilities (a type of deep learning) autonomously group data into over 175 categories, revealing privacy-sensitive data, intellectual property, financial information, legal agreements, human resources files, sales strategies, partnership plans and other business-critical information hidden in your structured and unstructured data. We discover and categorize data without rules, regular expressions, user input, or IT staff overhead.

Risk Distance Analysis
Collectively, the security practices in use within a data category accurately reflect the best judgment of the content owners. Risk Distance identifies risk by calculating the distance from the category’s security baseline to each individual data element. Risk distance finds inappropriate sharing, incorrect group membership or access control settings, unclassified regulated content, inappropriate file locations that place sensitive data at risk of loss. Risk distance also offers insights into users and file usage to better understand whether an at-risk file is also in active use and may need urgent attention.

Concentric MIND
Centralized MIND, a deep-learning-as-a-service capability, improves categorization coverage and speeds model adaptation by aggregating intelligence across Concentric customers. MIND curates all of Semantic Intelligence’s deep learning models (whether developed by Concentric or customers) to offer the best-fitting model to every customer when they need it. Shared models are entirely mathematical and do not contain source data to ensure customer privacy and security.

Remediation Options
Concentric Semantic Intelligence™ remediates risk by leveraging security management mechanisms already in use at most organizations, allowing you to choose the remediation options that best fit your organization’s needs. Our solution can automatically classify documents, change entitlements, or adjust access controls based on risk. Integrations with data loss prevention (DLP) products or document metadata management approaches like Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) enable far more effective protection as a result.

User 360
User 360 offers a user-centric view of each file accessible by a specific employee. Quickly establish usage patterns, spot inappropriate access and find risky sharing patterns. Compare a user’s access and sharing practices with similar users, spot personal email sharing and understand what privacy-sensitive content each user can access. User 360 proactively protects against insider threats without rules or hard-to-maintain policies.