Are you transferring data files straight from Box on a recurring basis? Well, you’re in luck!

In short, ValiDiffer™ is a no-code data differencing and validation service enabling any technical or non-technical professional onboarding or transferring data that requires specific formatting or content to prevent broken, problematic, or incorrectly formatted data files from entering time-consuming (recurring) file transfer processes, virtually eliminating costly ‘redo’ cycles.

Are you tired of receiving what should be repeated, identically formatted data files, which instead arrive with changed headers, missing columns, alternated spacing, different formatting, and more?

All too often, data files get onboarded or transferred with incorrectly formatted or missing data, which requires both sending and receiving parties to figure where the problem lies. The parties then have to either revert the process, demand a new file, re-upload or download a secondary file, manually edit the file, or more – all costing a significant amount of time and money. ValiDiffer's core competence is providing metadata trending analytics – prior to the point of transfer – to validate your scheduled file transfer and workflow(s). Validation occurs through automatic A/B testing, metadata baseline and trending testing, and optional user defined set criteria and thresholds.

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Web App Integrations  

  • Analyze with ValiDiffer: Analytics will be performed against your data document
  • Monitor With ValiDiffer: Set directory monitoring options

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