A complete organizer and planner for everything in your life! The best calendar app with note taking, GTD inbox, tasks/to-do lists, shopping, projects, family events, reminders, bookmarks with passwords, files, media, fitness, activities, travel, finances, education. It's simple enough for your daily agenda & chores, and powerful enough for your home and work projects.

With the Box services integration, LifeTopix users can create links to online folders and files on Box for easy access on their mobile devices. This gives them the ability to download, view, email, and print the documents while mobile. Additionally, LifeTopix users can associate specific files on Box with items in the apps, such as projects, trips, assets, service providers, events, notes, and more. Users can also upload local documents and media files directly to specific folders on Box with a single tap. This gives the users tremendous power in terms of storing their important files and documents on Box, while making them easily accessible in the context of items for personal organization and business productivity from within the LightArrow apps.


In life, everything is related — your finances, health, workouts, shopping lists, assets, service providers, and so on. So why would you use disconnected apps to manage all of these things? LifeTopix brings everything into one place — replacing multiple apps.

Manage projects & tasks; track services & service providers; maintain shopping lists; manage events like birthday parties; coordinate travel; log health metrics; track finances & assets; manage photos, videos, audio clips; access online files, passwords; and much more.


Stay on task easily with a cleverly designed, easy-to-read Agenda view showing what’s today, tomorrow, and the near future. See tasks, appointments and to-do lists all in one place. Alerts make sure you miss nothing.

Utilize a master calendar and individual calendars for events, tasks, trips, visitors, expenses, and payments. Filtering lets you decide what you want to see on your calendars. Device calendar integration enables interaction with the appointments and events on your iOS Calendar, or other online calendars. It is the best daily planner you can find.

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