Kerika is work management for distributed Lean and Agile Teams: it integrates seamlessly with your Box account, and lets you share Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Whiteboards with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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NEW IN V.135: Easy ways to see what's changed, across all your boards.

Kerika integrates beautifully with your Box Enterprise Account to let you share Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Whiteboards with anyone, anywhere, using just a browser.

Sign-up is super easy: just use your Bod ID and you are good to go!

Kerika lets you work the way you want, with a choice of Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Whiteboards:

Task Boards are great for Lean/Kanban projects: they can be customized for each project's workflow.

Scrum Boards have all the great features of regular Task Boards, but they also let you share a Backlog of cards across multiple Scrum Boards in real-time.

(Only Kerika lets you switch between Kanban and Scrum within the same project board, as well as pull items from multiple Backlogs into a single Scrum Board.)

Whiteboards are completely flexible canvases that let you organize your ideas, your files, Web snippets, process flows, and notes and share these in real-time with others.

Project Teams make it easy to share your Kerika boards: each board can have it's own team, with people designated as Project Leaders, Team Members or Visitors.

Real-time updates and smart alerts make it easy to work with global, distributed teams.

Integrated chat lets you add conversations to cards and canvases, and even get these messages pushed to you as email.

Work-In-Progress Limits help you manage flow and avoid bottlenecks, for Task Boards and Scrum Boards.

You can export cards from any Task Board or Scrum Board, in Excel or HTML formats.

Open-source and volunteer projects can be made be made viewable by the public.

Seamless integration with Box: when you add files to a Kerika board, they are uploaded to your Box account, and as you add people to a project's team, Team Members automatically get read+write access to all files on the board, while Visitors get read-only access.

Project templates let you capture and reuse your organization's best practices and standard workflows.

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Kerika is used widely in a variety of industries and sectors: mining, retail, government, academia, nonprofits, consulting, technology. It's used in government, in nonprofits, in large global companies and small scrappy startups -- and even by middle school students.