Box for Google Docs allows users to create and edit Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets from within their Box accounts. Users can edit the same file simultaneously in real-time and find version history imported to Box. In addition to its native file types, Google Docs also provides support for .doc and .xls files.

To use Google Docs with Box, install the application using the "Add" button. Once it is added, you can create new Google Docs and Spreadsheets using the "New…" button in the top left corner of the Box interface. It will open in the Google Docs editor, and any changes will be saved roundtrip back to Box once the editor is closed. To edit a file already stored on Box, click the “Edit” icon or click the downward-facing arrow to navigate to “More Actions” and select “Edit in Google Docs.”

To learn more about Box for Google Docs, please visit our Box Help Center.

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Web App Integrations  

  • Edit with Google Docs: Open Google document editor (docx, xlsx, gdoc, gsheet)