Elastica’s Box Securlet enables organizations to protect their assets stored in Box. It supports detection and remediation of vulnerabilities, including those related to personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), Protected Health Information (PHI), Source Code, Financial or other sensitive types of data. In addition, Elastica’s Box Securlet analyzes user activity within Box to identify suspicious behavior, thwart security or compliance breaches and enable targeted investigations on historical activity for post-incident analysis.

• Audit & Remediate Vulnerabilities
Identify which files are being shared outside the company, and flag sensitive content such as PII, PCI, PHI, source code or other unique content with Elastica’s Box Securlet. Take action to remediate these vulnerabilities by limiting sharing, modifying file properties, and sending alert notices to data owners and administrators.

• Detect threats against files in Box
Detect suspicious Box account activity at a user level with Elastica’s advanced machine learning combined with well-known behavioral signatures. Let Elastica continuously monitor your Box account to help identify threats from malware attacks, compromised user-name/passwords or malicious insiders so you can take the appropriate action.

• Protect data stored in Box
Define and enforce granular policies to prevent sharing of sensitive documents and to thwart suspicious account behavior. Leverage content-based analysis and real-time threat detection to trigger alerts and/or prevent access. Policies are automatically translated to remediate violations across your Box account.

• Investigate historical transactions
Investigate historical transactions on your Box account using advanced search and filtering capabilities for post-incident analysis. Insightful visualization on behavior, exposures and vulnerabilities enable you to quickly hone in on relevant security incidents.

Learn more about Elastica and its CloudSOC™ solution in this 2-minute video.