Datafield enables you to shift from paper-based forms to digital (mobile) forms. Create forms and surveys in seconds and have respondents instantly and remotely reply on their smartphone - even when field agents are offline.

Some of the things you can do with Datafield:
-Organize electronic surveys and polls and collect responses instantly
-Manage your on-site audit and inspection (whether be it visiting a prospect, a customer, a supplier, your distribution network or your production plant)
-Add new KPI / Evidence of the quality of you operations (capture pictures, with their GPS localization + time and date)
-Track the daily routine of field workers
-Perform Mystery shopping
-Collect feedback and emails of customer inside your shop or during trade show

Datafield is an innovative way to collect data and opinion in real time from your stakeholders, anywhere and anytime. Empower your field agent.

3 simple steps to use Datafield:
1- Compose your forms and survey on using any kind of questions, including text based or multiple choices but also media rich questions such as GPS location, pictures and more.

2- Your field workers, pollster or targeted audience access and process your forms instantly.

3- You'll receive responses in real time with a smart, web-based, dashboard allowing your to filter by location, profiles, pictures or else. Easy CSV import is also available.

Key features include:
-Most common types of questions: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Text,
Date, Time, Yes/No, Gender, Likert, Scale/Rate, Number, Email Address,
-Specific media rich questions: Signature, GPS location, Pictures.
-Advanced conditional branching: create logic inside your forms (go to specific question or skip questions based on the respondents results)
-Add instructions for each questions/task to be performed
-Offline Mode: perform survey even when you have no internet / data plan. Send your replies later when you connect to a wifi or 3G network
-Create Public survey easily available to anyone or Corporate survey only available with dedicated password
-Smart Dashboard: receive responses in real time with a smart, web based, dashboard allowing your to filter by location, profiles, pictures or else.
-CSV import for specific integration to your favorite CRM, ERP, spreadsheet software or statistical / data analysis tools
-Multilangue: web dashboard and mobile application available in English, French, Thai and Vietnamese (more coming soon)