本アプリは、Box上のファイルをコンビニで簡単に印刷できる法人向けのアプリです。当法人向けアプリ(CanDay Print for Biz)と一般向けアプリ(CanDay Print)との機能差は以下になります。

① コンビニで印刷したいファイルまたはフォルダを選択し、「その他のオプション」ボタンをクリックします。
② 表示されたメニューで「統合」ー「Send to CanDay Print for Biz」をクリックします。
③ Boxにサインインしているメールアドレスに印刷登録完了メールが送信されます。
④ 印刷登録完了メールに記載されている印刷用の番号でコンビニプリントできます。

① 本アプリを利用するにあたっては、事前に株式会社シーイーシーとサービス利用契約が必要です。
② お客様の管理者の設定及び利用者の登録を行います。
③ これで本アプリが利用可能となります。
④ 毎月上旬に印刷費用の請求が当サービスより通知されます。

 -Microsoft Word 日本語版 (拡張子 docx)
 -Microsoft Excel 日本語版 (拡張子 xlsx)
 -Microsoft PowerPoint 日本語版 (拡張子 pptx)
 -PDF Ver.1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 (拡張子 pdf)
 -JPEG (拡張子 jpg, jpeg)
 -PNG (拡張子 png)



This application for business is that can easily print files on Box at a convenience store.
The functional difference between application for business (CanDay Print for Biz) and application for consumer (CanDay Print) is as follows.

<Features of application for business>
■ (User function) In addition to convenience store printing operation in file units, and you can print out multiple files in a folder at one time.
※ Sub folders are not included.
■ (User function) you do not need to pay at convenience store .
■ (Administrator function) It will be all postpaid monthly.
this reduces the work of calculating printing charges at convenience store.
In addition, users can be managed in groups (etc, departments ), and printing charges can be added up by group, which makes it easy to bear the expenses for each group.
■ (Administrator function) you can check the printing history for the past one year.
you can also download the checked print history as a CSV file.
※ you can check at one time is up to one month (31days)

<User operation method>
1 Select the file or folder you want printing in the convenience store and click the [More options] button.
2 Click [Integrations]-[Send to CanDay Print for Biz] in the menu that displayed.
3 Registration completion email will be sent to the email address signed in to Box.
4 You can print at convenience store using the number used for printing and described in the registration completion email.

<Flow to corporate contract>
1 You need a service contract with Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd in advance.
2 Set up your administrator and users register.
3 This makes the application available.
4 This service will notify printing charges at the beginning of each month.

Please check the following "Terms of Service"and "Privacy Policy"before using this application.
Terms of Service
privacy policy
In addition, it is reckon as having agreed to the [Terms of Service] and [Privacy Policy] by installed this application.
・ You need to be able to receive email at the email address signed in to Box.
・ printable file types at convenience store have the following limitations.
-Microsoft Word japanese edition (extension docx)
-Microsoft Excel japanese edition (extension xlsx)
-Microsoft PowerPoint japanese version (extension pptx)
-PDF Ver.1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 (extension pdf)
-JPEG (extension jpg and jpeg)
-PNG (extension png)
・ This application can be used only in Japan.

<Contact Us>
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<Developer source>
Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.

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  • Send to CanDay Print for Biz: Box上のファイルをコンビニで簡単に印刷できるツールです。 (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png)
  • Send to CanDay Print for Biz: Box上のファイルをコンビニで簡単に印刷できるツールです。フォルダ用です。