Notability redefines productivity. Now sign contracts anywhere. Annotate and highlight PDFs on the fly. Design new products. Create, edit, and share business plans all in one place. Both beautiful and functional, Notability seamlessly combines three major ways to capture information: handwriting, typing, and recording. The blending of these three features provides an unparalleled experience for creating and sharing notes. Efficiency, collaboration, and creativity no longer requires sitting at a desk.

Currently there are two versions: Notability and Notability Pro. Notability, found in the AppStore, contains this powerful feature set that helps you be more productive. Notability Pro, found in the Apple VPP store, not only includes all of the incredible features of Notability, but it also has additional iOS data protection. If keeping data secure is paramount to your company, then Notability Pro will encrypt all data and notes inside the app when the iPad isn't in use. Both apps provide the tools to capture, create, and share information more effectively.

There are two ways Box uniquely integrates with Notability. First, you can start notes in Notability and then send them to Box. Simply tap share in Notability, select Box, and pick your destination folder. Furthermore, if you set up auto-sync in Notability, all of your notes will automatically be sent to Box without you having to think about it. Second, you can start notes in Box or edit documents you receive from coworkers. To start a note in Box, tap the cloud in the lower-left-hand corner and select Notability. Then when you're done, tap the Box arrow and your file will be saved to Box. Additionally, if you receive PDFs, RTFs, or Notes from coworkers, these can be opened and edited in Notability. Tap the document to view it in Box, then tap the cloud in the upper-right-hand corner, and select Edit in Notability. Once you're done, tap the Box arrow and you'll be taken right back to Box. Simply, easy, and secure.