The “Share in Webex” app helps businesses and users to access Webex capabilities directly within Box. Your content remains secure and centralized within Box, but also easily accessible for seamless collaboration in Webex.

You can:
* Start or schedule a Webex meeting: Enables face-to-face communication in fewer clicks. Invite all file collaborators via a single click to an impromptu or scheduled meeting. You can also invite non-file collaborators. The meeting subject is pre-populated with the name of the Box file but can be updated.
* Share content in a Webex space: View file information such as name, author, last modified date when a file is shared in a Webex space. Within the Webex space, the Box file is easily viewable within a tab, so you can collaborate on your file content more effectively.

Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • Share in Webex: Collaborate seamlessly on Box content in real time and with people within or outside your organization.