With Box for Gmail, teams can streamline email collaboration by accessing their Box content from within the Gmail interface.

Seamlessly attach files from Box or save email attachments to Box with just a few clicks to ensure email content is consistently managed with Box’s security, compliance and governance capabilities.

- Save emails and attachments to Box: Download the contents of an email, and email attachments, directly to Box without leaving the Gmail interface
- Add Box files to emails: Keep your content securely managed in Box by attaching a Box file shared link to any email without leaving the Gmail interface
- Easy permissions management: Manage the permissions of a shared Box file directly from Gmail to ensure content can always be accessible by the right people
- Robust security: Apply Box’s enterprise-grade security, compliance and governance capabilities to your email attachments
- Simple setup: Install Box for Gmail with just a few clicks and get started right away

Get started today! Find and install Box for Gmail on the G Suite Marketplace.  

Note: For businesses, Box Admins must first enable Gmail as an approved application in their Box Admin Console enterprise settings and G Suite Admin Console. Please find instructions and more information on the Box for Gmail Community Page.