Free version of xPoint with limited features.

- You can only manage 2 documents
- You can only create 20 places per document
- You can only manage 5 custom fields per place

To remove all limitations, purchase the full version of xPoint on the App Store.

Manage your prospects, customers, suppliers, your apartments or events on a map.
In fact, you can enter any kind of data.

xPoint makes your resources management more efficient and productive. All your resources can be easily stored, viewed, and referenced on a map.

xPoint can be easily customized to suit the exact needs of your business. It can be used every day by real estate agents, sales professionals and more

Want to add custom fields to your resources?
With xPoint, it's simple to setup and we offer different types of custom fields: Rating, date & Time, Image, Drop Down Lists, Radio buttons, History, Checkbox, etc.

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