Umbie DentalCare is a practice management solution for dentists and their patients. Umbie DentalCare’s comprehensive office management solution streamlines: human resources; billing and receivables; insurances and medical records; appointment scheduling; charting and documenting exams and procedures, and so much more.

In addition to office management, Umbie DentalCare offers practice accountability through role-based user authentication, customizable reports and metrics, and automated data entry tracking for each user. Lastly, Umbie DentalCare encourages patient engagement through an interactive office-patient communication portal, customizable appointment reminders, and chair-side x-ray viewing and treatment plans.

Box for Umbie DentalCare leverages the Box HIPAA compliant storage called "Umbie Box Sync", which is a robust way to sync dental data across the two cloud services.

With Box for Umbie DentalCare, you can take advantage of the full functionality of Box from within Umbie DentalCare Practice Management to:

• Store access and share files internally or externally, such as reports, large dental videos and images

• Store and share patient’s dental records, x-rays, and other important information with other dentist or specialists.

• Keep your team in sync with what content has been shared, previewed or downloaded by your collaborators

• Enable content to be accessed, approved, and updated from any mobile device; increasing your practices velocity so you can save time and see more patients

• Enable the same content to be accessed in other applications

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This third party application utilizes the Box APIs and SDKs offered through the Box Platform. If you are storing Protected Health Information (PHI) in Box and/or have executed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Box, please be aware that your BAA does not extend to this or any other third party app. If you have more questions around HIPAA requirements related to this app, please contact the third party app directly.