Live Documents merges the features of desktop software like Microsoft Office with the collaborative capabilities of browser-based services like Google Docs.

Use Live Documents to quickly view and edit documents within your Box account without corrupting document formatting and data in any way. When you open your Box documents within Live Documents, you will see a high-fidelity rendition of your original documents within the browser - even in the instance that your document contains some Microsoft Office elements that are currently unsupported, they are not dropped. When you save the document back to Box, they are preserved as in the original. Live Documents is the only online office suite that provides this "non-lossy round tripping" compatibility with Microsoft Office.

To use Live Documents with Box, add the application, then right click on any compatible file. It will open in Live Documents without requiring you to manually create an account and you can make edits then save it back to Box.

If you edit any document in an Office 2007 format (docx, pptx, xlsx) and save your changes, Live Documents will create a new file with the same name in Office 2003 format (doc, ppt, xls respectively) in your Box account.

Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • Edit with Live Documents: Edit your document with Live Documents (ppt, odp, xls, ods, doc, odt)
  • Edit in Live Documents: Edit your document with Live Documents (pptx, docx, xlsx)
  • Edit with Live Documents (Pro): Edit your document with Live Documents, and with concurrent editing (ppt, odp, xls, ods, doc, odt)