Please note: LincDoc is a premium service, and requires separate purchase or subscription to the LincDoc application. Only existing LincDoc customers, and Box customers on Business or Enterprise accounts should add this application.

LincDoc is a dynamic, electronic forms and document automation tool that takes your existing documents, and creates a user guided process for filling out forms and information. Once your form or document is complete, you can digitally sign it and send the files to Box, and the data you entered is rendered back onto the original document, providing a consistent look and feel. LincDoc features both a web interface and an iPad app.

Through LincDoc you can:

• Convert existing paper document into user guided dynamic forms
• Reuse content from databases and other applications to complete forms. For example, by typing your employee ID number, you can pre-fill a form with your information
• Digitally sign documents and forms
• Collect payments on forms , for example application forms
• Access forms from any web browser, or natively on the iPad using the LincDoc mobile application
• Launch and create new forms from a link in your account
• Dynamically create files, folders, and store documents and information inside your Box account
• Provide e-mail notifications and workflow for forms
• Create forms on your iPad, and send them to your account

For new customers, LincDoc starts at $99 per month, per form and purchase options are available. For specific pricing information, questions, or a demonstration of LincDoc please visit or e-mail