Agilewords lets you share, review, and approve business documents with colleagues and clients.

Agilewords makes it easy to collect group feedback, make online edits, track changes, and get quick reviewers’ approval.

To use Agilewords inside of Box:
- Right click on a MS Word document in your Box account and select “Review with Agilewords”
- Enter your Agilewords credentials or register an account for free
- Schedule a review deadline, invite collaborators, and click “Start review on Agilewords”

Collaborators receive an email with a link to the document. They can post feedback, read others comments, track changes. As a document owner, you get notified when collaborators complete their review or approve the document.

Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • Review with Agilewords: Review your document with Agilewords (doc, docx)