CipherCloud for Box enables you to enforce corporate Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, controlling unauthorized sharing of sensitive content – such as credit card numbers, healthcare information, or intellectual property. CipherCloud adds privacy, security, data residency, and regulatory compliance controls, while preserving the ease-of-use and convenience of Box.

Box Enterprise administrators can select from a range of pre-built DLP policy templates, or connect CipherCloud to existing enterprise DLP systems. A range of granular enforcement options let you set the right actions for each situation including: quarantining files for administrator review, deleting files, restricting sharing with outsiders, or self-remediation (alerting users via Box’s integrated messaging and giving them a time window fix the policy violation). When any action is taking, users or supervisors are immediately notified so that issues can be resolved quickly, without disrupting business.

CipherCloud connects to Box in the background through Box Event APIs. When new files are uploaded, CipherCloud automatically scans content to enforce corporate DLP policies and block file-borne malware. The solution is transparent to end-users and does not interfere with any functionality of Box.

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