Centrify for Box Single Sign-On (SSO) eliminates password sprawl with Active Directory-based SSO for Box, making users happy while giving IT centralized control over access. It's yours to use for as long as you want, for as many users as you need, as part of the three free apps you get with Centrify Express for SaaS. Through a unified identity platform, Centrify enables secure access through built-in features such as integrated mobility management and adaptive multi-factor authentication to bolster your security and go beyond SSO.

What You Get with Centrify + Box:

Centrify enables collaboration and sharing without introducing today’s biggest security risks. With no extra holes in the firewall. A 5-minute install securely connects your Active Directory to Box via the Centrify Cloud Service without replicating sensitive data to the cloud or a 3rd-party. Simply use Active Directory credentials to get one click access to Box and all your favorite SaaS apps. Computing experience is improved, and access is secured by minimizing password risks.

Key Benefits:

Single Sign On to apps your employees rely on – Simplify end user experience through one-click access to all apps, and reduce password risks to protect confidential data.

Bolster Security with Adaptive MFA and Integrated Mobility Management:

Get stronger security with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) across Box and all your apps - Deep integration of Centrify and the Box mobile app also delivers an enterprise application for managing and accessing business content across leading mobile devices.

Automated Provisioning/Deprovisioning for Box:

Automatically route application requests, create accounts, manage entitlements within those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. Provision users across apps, all from a central control point.