Lemon turns your smartphone into a digital wallet that organizes and stores your credit cards, receipts, coupons and more. With Lemon, your wallet is now more organized, efficient and intelligent.

Now, with Box and Lemon working together, it's even easier to keep all the items in your wallet more organized, and make sense of your spending habits.

Import receipts from Box into Lemon:
You can automatically import receipts from your Box account directly into Lemon. When you add the Lemon application to Box, we create a "Lemon" folder for you. We will automatically import all JPEG receipt images from this folder directly into your Lemon account.

Export receipts from Lemon to Box:
You can also export your Lemon receipts into your Box account. Just hit Export from a receipt or list of receipts in Lemon, select Box, and we will add your receipts into a Box folder called "Lemon."