Replace your paperwork with digital forms on your mobile devices from Device Magic.

Device Magic is a mobile app and web solution that replaces your paper forms and processes with digital ones on your existing smartphones and tablets. Collect data from workers in the field, and deliver it directly into your existing platforms. Instantly trigger customized, branded Word docs and PDFs for your customers as soon as the data is collected in the field.

You can choose to add a description of your file, customize your file’s format, and provide a folder path. You can be sure your data ends up where you want it, how you want it instantly.

Plus, send your images, signatures and sketches to the same account as your submission data, or to an entirely different Box account.

Sound interesting?

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If you don't yet have a Device Magic account you can, sign up for a free 14 day trial to start collecting data and accessing it via Box.

With Device Magic for Box, you can accurately collect your field data and securely share it with your team, all in the blink of an eye.