KnowledgeLake's cloud capture solution enables automated, consistent, and repeatable document capture and processing.

Document Capture and Metadata Tagging Made Easy
The ability to efficiently scan documents, upload born digital content, and tag with important information and then route securely to Box is the first step in driving operational excellence in an organization. KnowledgeLake’s cloud document processing solution ensures accuracy, predictability, speed, and automatic content routing that drives efficiency and enables consistent outcomes. KnowledgeLake is the first step in empowering users to leverage box for Cloud Content Management, CCM.

Features and benefits include:
• A single, simple point of entry
Establish one place to scan or upload content, with confidence that based on document type, it will go exactly where it belongs
• Manage paper and digital content
Reduce or eliminate time-consuming duplicate data entry and routing of information by transforming paper into intelligently stored information leveraging OCR, barcode, and pattern matching
• Accurate information made easy
Drive processing efficiency and accuracy by integrating Box with your line-of-business systems to enable assisted keyword tagging
• Make users' lives easier
Generate high user adoption through automation and a simple user experience that eliminates hassle and wasted effort
• Easy to find, easy to govern
Leverage tagging to automatically generate intuitive filenames, enable efficient search, and adhere to compliance policies.