ccScan Advanced, which includes all functionality of ccScan Standard, allows for automated and unattended operations. ccScan Advanced is used in both paper-based and paperless offices typically as part of a Business Automation Process. Apply ccScan Advanced to scanning of paper documents and importing of electronic documents directly to Box.

ccScan Advanced is best explained with some examples: run unattended jobs to import electronic faxes, upload them to automatically selected Box folders, and automatically name the document, all based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches in text obtained through OCR. Or scan documents and automatically create tag words or document descriptions. Since ccScan is highly configurable it can be applied to many scenarios where opportunities for automation and large time savings are present.

Watch our YouTube screencast: ccScan Advanced for Box to see ccScan Advanced importing electronic faxes to Box automatically and unattended

More about ccScan Advanced for Box on our web site.

Review or download our White Paper: Scanning to Box with ccScan.