CaptureFast is the world’s first cloud-based document and data capture solution. It aims to relieve the inefficiency caused by too many paper documents in business processes, thus heavy dependancy on manual labor.

CaptureFast allows users to extract valuable information from digital or physical documents, and transfer the extracted output to your favorite business applications. Through its subscription-based affordable prices and user-friendly interface CaptureFast allows SMEs to leverage the efficiency of using a document capture solution.


CaputreFast’s integration with box allows users to transfer extracted data directly to their folders in Box, while populating custom metadata in Box each time a document is captured.

Box's metadata feature allows users and applications to define and store custom data associated with their files in Box. With the CaptureFast integration users can capture information from physical or digital documents, transfer the captured image and data to Box, while directly populating the custom metadata, bringing even further efficiency to their document management process.

Thanks to this integration, small businesses can also start to take advantage of an end-to-end document management system with document capture capability only for less than 100 USD / month / user, the most affordable option in the market! This integration is available as part of the Business Plus & Enterprise plans in Box.


The CaptureFast web application allows users to create a new template for each document type, select which information they want to capture from that document and set up the destination and formats for the outputs. If needed users can also verify the captured information prior to the transfer of the outputs.

The CaptureFast Mobile Application allows users to easily snap a picture of any paper document and transfer the captured image as an input to the web application without the need for any specific hardware such as scanners. Thanks to the CaptureFast mobile application, content and information transfer between headquarters and branches / field employees can now become real-time.

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