Captricity is designed to give you your data, fast. Simply upload your scanned documents to Box and we email when your data is ready. Projects that would have taken weeks or months using manual data entry, or outsourcing, are complete in hours. And with our flexible subscriptions, with no minimum purchase, you can use as much or as little as you need.

Captricity transforms static documents—including those with handwriting—into actionable intelligence. Whether your information is on paper, PDFs, fax, efax or any other static document, Captricity provides a 100% HIPAA compliant digitizing solution that is fast, vastly scalable, and 99%+ accurate—exceeding even the gold standard or conventional double entry.

We accomplish these time and accuracy improvements through our industry-leading technology that combines high precision algorithms with crowd sourcing. This solution provides the best of both worlds: The speed of automation, with the accuracy of human verification.

With Captricity, you can:

• REDUCE COST -- Use technology to scale shrinking budgets and meet increasing data demand
• INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY -- Adopt cloud-hosted transcription to remediate paper backlogs and keep up with ongoing workflow
• FOSTER COLLABORATION. – Increase trust and key information sharing while protecting sensitive information

This third party application utilizes the Box APIs and SDKs offered through the Box Platform. If you are storing Protected Health Information (PHI) in Box and/or have executed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Box, please be aware that your BAA does not extend to this or any other third party app. If you have more questions around HIPAA requirements related to this app, please contact the third party app directly.