Workato lets you automate your end to end hiring and onboarding process with complex business logic and approval steps across your Box files & folders.

This blog post ( showcases two specific capabilities of the flexible Workato automation and integration platform for an automated hiring process:
1) We are showing how this can be done with the applicant only using SMS on their smartphone. This will be useful for an audience of millennial temp workers. Automatically send out an SMS notification via Twilio when a file is uploaded, or store the media from a multi-media message on Twilio in Box.
2) Hiring also requires onboarding. As a last step of this end to end process, we’re including a SurveyMonkey enablement test. The applicant is required to take an enablement test from SurveyMonkey before being fully approved for work.

Step by step, here’s how this automated workflow works leveraging Box, Workato, Twilio and SurveyMonkey:

Here’s the sample workflow:
(Read more on Box’s blog:

1. The applicant snaps a photo of his/her resume, and simply submit it as an MMS. The hiring manager receives an SMS notification of the new job application.
2. Workato ties together Twilio and Box, and facilitates uploading documents into a Box folder. In the same workflow, Workato sends an acknowledgement SMS to the applicant, and facilitates an automated decision making process for the hiring manager.
3. The hiring manager receives an email with a link to the Box folder where he can access the resumes. On the Workato platform, he decides to approve or reject the applicant, and Workato sends out the congratulatory or rejection SMS automatically via Twilio.
4. Successful applicants receive links to a Box folder containing the employee onboarding documents, which also contains a SurveyMonkey link where he/she can take an enablement test.
Workato listens for the completed survey, tabulates survey results, and sends a survey summary to the hiring manager via email.
5. As you can see, Workato allows you to create complex automation workflows so you can save time from manual effort and focus on what you do best. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create a workflow within minutes. No single line of code required. You can even create filters, apply branching logic in your workflow and connect with multiple apps.

How to get started:
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3. Install and use any of the recipes you like. You can easily tweak them to suit your business needs.
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