Ap4 connects your construction project files and tasks with everyone. It turns your project information into tasks, allowing you to easily access, share, and manage your project deliverables and progress, on time.
With Box for Ap4, you can turn your construction project information stored in your Box folders into projects tasks. Within Ap4 your project teams now know when and how to carry out their AEC information because their files, drawings, and photos are now time and progress driven and connected with the right project members.

To use Box for Ap4, simply open a Box file and select the “Open With” action button and choose the Ap4ProjectManagers app. If you already have an Ap4 account you will prompted with Ap4’s Turn File into Task page with your Box file attached. Just enter your task information, add assignees, and a due date. Within Ap4 you can then share, comment, download the Box file task, and manage its progress.