Manage your company with only your iPad and Andara. You can have all your objectives and most important indicators in a cool dashboard with a simple and intuitive interface. It also synchronizes with Excel through your personal Box account. The Balanced Scorecard (BsC) methodology is used to simplify the design of dashboards.

Additional Features:

- No set-up costs thanks to the "Templates Marketplace" where you can select a predefined and editable template of your Industry or your role to get up and running in no time.

- Collaborative tools (comments and documents can be added to the KPIs and shared)
- Always synchronized with Excel through your Box account

- Share your dashboards with your work team and colleagues
- Cool reports of KPIs
- SSL security connection
- Offline Mode to access data
- Challenges & gamification

- Geolocalization of KPIs

Andara is more than an app, it is a new experience in mobile business intelligence and performance management for your company.

No extra software licenses are needed, you only need to download from the app store and start using it within minutes to make better management decisions.

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