AgileScrum Pro application for iPad, created in Agile Scrum methodology supports managing of various types of projects. Planning and tracking sprint as well as reporting and collecting statistics is very helpful in everyday managing duties. You can determine the goals, change the status of backlog items and report the progress.
Scrum master, product owner and every other member of a scrum team can use this tool to support the project development process.

Main available features:
· Unlimited projects
· Separate backlogs (fixed timespan)
· Unlimited Releases
· User stories with task list
· Daily sprint meeting with time counter
· Management of team members
· Team members’ roles
· Burndown chart
· Sprint burndown chart
· Team workload chart
· Email notifications
· On-line website for team members with information about the projects (project cards)

Thanks to integration of AgileScrum Pro with Box you have the opportunity to download and upload project bases from the application to your Box account. You can log in directly from the AgileScrum Pro, export/import files and share with all members of the team. When you are logged already to Box you can log out and use another account.

To use Box Files within AgileScrum Pro, first visit our application page on App Store - and download it to your iPad. Log In and share your projects!