FREE Kanbans Trail Account available. Just login with your Box ID. No credit card required.

Organizations everywhere want to adopt Kanban and GTD principals, but they strive to do it in a secure and compliant way that fits seamlessly into their enterprise infrastructure. It needs to be easy to rollout and maintain, but most of all user adoption is key. Kanbans for Box does just that. It provides users with the best enterprise Kanban app that’s fast and simple to use. By combining Box and Kanbans users have a much better view of what’s going on.


Kanbans is built from the ground up to support box business and enterprise deployments. This provides for increased security, reduces administrative costs, improved productivity and user satisfaction.

- Users access Kanbans with their box credentials.
- No need to manage another user directory.
- Kanbans Board membership is based on your Box folders.
- Box files can be easily accessed and managed from each board.
- Both Web and Native iPhone/iPad Apps deliver Box and Kanbans functionality.
- Optional Browser extensions enable users to screen capture webpages, annotate and upload to Box.

Learn more about Kanbans for Box at or access a free trial account at Free trail accounts are good for teams up to 3 people and 2 boards.