DocuSign Signature Appliance (DSA) is a widely-adopted standard digital signature solution with millions of signers at businesses, governments, and service providers worldwide, it provides a certified-compliant, secure, digital-signature solution.
With DSA you can easily implement standard digital signatures for your signature-dependent business processes from any location, that are accessible from any computer or mobile device. DSA-signed documents provide standards compliance, long-term trust, integrity and security, and are backed by signer identity, intent, and document-record integrity. The signatures can be easily validated by anyone at any time without requiring proprietary verification software.
Main features:
• Add one or more digital signatures to your PDF, PDF/A, Word and Excel documents
• Upload your documents from Box or from your local computer/device
• Control the location, size and appearance of your visible signature (graphical signature, name, title, date & time, reason for signing, etc.)
• Import and save personal graphical-signatures styles to your DSA account by sketching (w/ fingers), typing (using a variety of fonts), or uploading .jpeg /.bmp images
• Control when you invoke your signature credentials and signature function
• After you apply your signature(s), simply download signed document back to Box or your local computer/device, or send document via email
To use DSA from within Box, click on the "Add"button at left to add DSA access to your Box account. To sign your document, simply right click on it, select "More Actions"and then "Digitally Sign with DSA".
To learn more about DocuSign Signature Appliance (DSA), refer to DocuSign’s DSA Overview and DSA Product Brief

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  • Digitally Sign with DocuSign Signature Appliance: The Secure Way to Sign on the Go – easily add digital signatures to PDF, Word and Excel documents. (doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx)