Description is a productivity solution that integrates your Gmail account with your cloud. It offers you full text search for your attachments as well as streamlined workflows for moving your attachments into and out of your cloud-storage solution.

The Box integration works on both a Chrome extension and an iPhone application. The Chrome extension gives you the ability to save your attachments directly into Box, without leaving your Gmail inbox. It also allows you to compose an email and insert a shared link from Box. The iPhone application also lets you save your attachments directly into Box. When you compose an email on the iPhone application you can attach files directly from your Box account. The email is sent without ever having to pull the attachment onto your phone -- reducing time and data charges.

To use with Box, add our Chrome extension from the Chrome web store here: Then go to your Gmail inbox and authenticate your account. You will also be prompted to authenticate your Box account from either composing a message, or viewing a message with an attachment.

Additionally you can download our iPhone application here: Authenticate your Gmail account and Box account directly from the phone and instantly have access to your files.