AudioBox is an easy to use PaaS to stream media files from any supported Cloud Storage service, like Box and many others, including our secure and unlimited AudioBox Cloud and directly from your desktop without uploading anything, to any supported device.

Link your account with different third party services such as Facebook, Twitter,, lyrics, Twitch.TV to access advanced features.

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Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • Stream with AudioBox: Stream your media file with AudioBox (aac, mp3, m4a, flac, mp4, flv, webm)

Shared Events  

  • File or Folder created: Automatically updates your AudioBox playlists when a change occurs on Box (Created, Uploaded, Moved)
  • File Deleted: Notify AudioBox that a file has been deleted (Deleted)
  • File Liked: Automatically update your loved status on a media file