1st Call Record is a ground-breaking call recording service that records all business calls on your mobile and office PBX (phone system) and stores them in Box™ in real time.

Call recordings are granularly searchable by DDI, time stamp, whether outbound or inbound, using the Box™ search tools that you are already familiar with.

It follows that staff training costs will be negligible in implementing this service via a cloud-based portal. Your company systems administrator can select which DDI’s (extensions) are recorded via our “child’s-play” self-provisioning portal.

For IT and Telephony Service Providers looking to resell 1st call record, please contact us on 03333 443 127.

For end clients looking to deploy 1st Call Record within your business, please contact us on 03333 443 127 to find a local partner.

Alternatively, visit our website or visit the 1st Call Record YouTube Channel to watch video tutorials on how 1st Call Record works.