Klipfolio Dashboard lets you connect to any file stored on Box to create KPI dashboards for your organization. Connecting to this data is simple. All you have to do is provide some basic login credentials, use a simple wizard to select the file you want, and then specify how often you want that file to be updated. Once you use that file to create a report for your dashboard, any time the data file backing that report is updated in your Box account, that report will also be updated in Klipfolio Dashboard.

Klipfolio Dashboard is the ideal choice for organizations monitoring frequently changing, operational data. This type of data is commonly called "real time," but we prefer to think of it as "right time" data - data that is accurate, reliable, and accessible whenever you need it to make a decision. Klipfolio's integration with Box adds another important tool to help you create real time dashboards for your organization.

Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile is a real time dashboard that is cloud-hosted, web, mobile accessible, and always online when you need it. For more than a decade, Klipfolio has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes from a wide array of industries to increase the visibility of real time data. In that time, Klipfolio has cultivated a reputation for innovation, quality, and integrity among its customers. Visit our website to learn more about how Klipfolio can help your organization.