Intwixt - DocFlow delivers sophisticated approval flows directly in Slack. We begin by asking you a few questions about your workflow needs, including the number of review steps and whether to send each document to a channel or user for review.
Team members can then submit documents directly in Slack, where DocFlow orchestrates the process. We send real-time status updates as the document moves through each approval step and instruct submitters to fix rejected documents—all in Slack. Once the process concludes, documents are stored at, along with a full audit history of the process, including all document versions, approval steps and comments.
DocFlow is intuitive and focused, but it’s definitely not static! Built using Intwixt’s Conversational Automation Platform (CAP), DocFlow can be extended to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. And given our no-code, visual approach, even business users can customize to meet exacting needs. Top it all off with AI, ML and NLP (natural language processing) baked-in, and it’s easy to see why Intwixt’s conversational approach keeps your users productive and happy. Reach out to us at if you’d like to own a custom instance of Intwixt DocFlow.

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