Beleshka is a note taking app for the iPad that allows you to type or hand write text and create freeform drawings. Objects can be duplicated, grouped, moved and rotated, and the drawing tool has the ability to recognize shapes. It organizes notes into notebooks, each of which contains chapters, and features undo and redo buttons. Beleshka also allows you to export documents to Box, either in PDF format or their proprietary .beleshka format. Files uploaded in .beleshka can be downloaded, edited, and resaved to Box.

To use Beleshka with Box, download it from the iTunes store, install it on your iPad, and create a new document. Press the export button, select whether you would like to export it as a PDF or .beleshka file, choose Box, then enter your account credentials. To download files, go to the main screen and press the download button. Only .beleshka files will be downloaded, and they can then be imported using the import button.