AI-Powered Discovery & Classification for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance Programs

OneTrust DataDiscovery aids in solving major challenges related to big data by helping organizations to know their data and comply with privacy laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, flag IT risk, and manage broader data governance policies and programs. The solution provides organizations with the power to find data assets, classify, and tag data to build a central data catalog, facilitate data subject access requests and more.

Powered by OneTrust Athena, an AI and robotic automation engine, and regulatory research from OneTrust DataGuidance, the solution goes beyond metadata to help organizations discover and classify data across cloud, on-premises, and legacy systems. OneTrust scans both structured and unstructured data sources across your Box content cloud. Additionally, we scan Amazon S3 File Shares, mySQL, Salesforce, SMB, Snowflake, Oracle, DB2, AS400, and other data systems. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, organizations can leverage deep integration to their existing data assets and enhance downstream risk and compliance efforts.

Through deep-level scanning of unstructured files businesses can populate data dictionaries and enrich them with context to create a sustainable and accurate data catalog. Business can easily establish ownership, governance policies, responsibility, and stewardship of data to create powerful governance frameworks.

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